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In which North Carolina has its very own Sinema problem.

The Charlotte area that handily gave Tricia Cotham her seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives has just learned the concept of buyers remorse.

Cotham, a freshman representative elected from a safely Democratic area made allegations that “the Democratic party had become unrecognizable” and changed party affiliations to Republican, giving Republicans a veto proof super-majority in the House and helping them put their finger on the scale balancing power between the branches of state government.

Absent of the inherent dishonesty of first campaigning then earning the trust of the public labeled as a Democrat and then blatantly betraying that trust, Cotham’s calculation here is reminiscent of Arizona Senator Kristen Sinema with the distinction that Cotham doesn’t even have the decency to claim she’s an independent.

If Sinema’s political maneuvering in a tightly divided Senate seemed dire, Cotham’s capitulation towards Republican power plays and away from the interests of the electorate are even more so. In its current session North Carolina teetered on the verge of a House super-majority, a move that severely limits Governor Cooper’s veto power which ensures that very little stands in the way of their political agenda.

One option the citizens of Charlotte (the 16th most populous city in the US), might have as recourse petitioning for a recall so they can ensure they get the representation they wanted instead of this crass brand of political opportunism despite it being a time consuming and costly affair. The buyers remorse the constituents of Charlotte likely feel is worth giving some redress to, or else what prevents more and more moderate Democrats becoming Trojan horse Republicans when it becomes politically advantageous to do so?

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