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Planning To Become a Better Learner


Journey Towards Learning

Learning is one of such kind of thing which a person starts from childhood till the end time of life means death. As one of the most important and biggest personality Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said about to learn.

Its meaning is that seeking knowledge is obliged to you. Do try to learn from your mother cradle to your grave. Don’t waste time without making it precious by learning. Always find new ways of learning, either it is indoor or outdoor.


This is a famous quote whose meaning is these unusual things can happen in life, some good unusual things about which a person couldn’t think about it. But such kind of lucky and great things happen with those people who want to do something in life. Who discomfort themselves only to do and to learn something in life. So make yourself a part of the learning world.

Face the Challenge To overcome it


When I started the fellowship, I found many deficiencies in my personality which cause problems for me in moving in my career.

When I started to learn new things, I got major problems of

TIME MANAGEMENT PROBLEM. I failed to do my homework and assignments in time during my student life and that was the major problem for which I joined Aaml Fellowship


I was unable to speak in front of the public and start trembling while facing the audience and people.


I practice a lot and work hard. I learnt everything by heart. Took part actively in activities and project work, I started my practice to speak in front of people slowly slowly. I used some techniques to solve my problems like:

I adopt all of the above techniques to solve my time management and public speaking problem.


I plan to use these techniques in future by participating in actively in-class presentations and activities.

How to become a good learner is one of the biggest questions. That what to do and what not to do to put our mind on the growing rail track towards the journey of Learning.

Plan to grow, Plan to Learn

I joined Amal Academy which opens a lot of ways of learning for me. It is the fellowship of 3 months which always provide us a new look towards learning.

All are the things that we practice in the fellowship of Amal Academy, Funded by Stanford University and in collaboration with Pepsico.

Now the question arises that how we learn and manage all the learning of above contents. What was the method behind learning and how to become a better learner in life?

In the fellowship, we follow simple but very productive and constructive way of learning.

Learning by yourself
Discussion With Mentor and Fellows
Perform what you learn | Learning through Performance

There are some easy and small things which we have to focus and work on it, which are the major cause behind our low progress and working, which decreases our interest in learning and moving on in life like:

So we have to just focus on all of the above points and make our mind and thinking to make these points positive and strong to move towards success and learning.

Move on that way that leads you to learn

Move that way, that makes you feel happy

Move that way, where you can find a shining star which makes you shine for the whole world.

One of the greatest leaders of India MAHATMA GANDHI said beautifully about learning:

Happy learning🌟😊

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