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The Curated Art Of Developing A Complex Web Application.

Web applications are not just remained fancy websites to lure more people into your business, but its more of a way to represent what your business has to offer value to the other businesses all around in particular.

Developing a Web application on a business requirement is much more than designing solution. It is something easily be understood in a way of Designing a beautiful structure which is reliable, scalable and easily maintainable.

In this writeup, I will try to push my thought and expertise while I design and develop a Business Solution for not just my clients with LCharmin Technologies, but also in my job as a Software Developer with a great marketing consultant company based in Gurgaon, India.

Well, first look at this picture.

What Client Explains and Wants vs What You Understand & Build.

This image is first and foremost the most easily interpretation of what actually client wants, what he explains and what developers build if they don’t understand the problem statement. Most of great web developers or software developers begins with having a clear understanding of what they are looking to build in a logical way, keeping its design and functionality in their minds rather than having a perfect design on paper.

So these are my tips to get a unbeatable understanding of business requirements.

That’s all for your first point. Now you have a clear understanding of your business requirement.

With my 3–4 years of experience and around 30–40 project’s personal and professional, I have never ever seen any business requirement that does not contains something which I have done earlier. Such problems and chunks of your business requirement are termed as — “Proof Of Concepts (POC’s).

You may be a web developer with 20 year of expertise, yet there will always be something which will take your time to think on to implement it for the first time. This is in particular the adventure of being a Software Developer in first place.

Again, it may be achieved after you have a thorough reading of your business requirement. Here is one way you might be able to find out something in a much more easy way, but beware — Don’t think something you haven’t done earlier as an easy implementation.

And the way is — Team Reading. Team knows what they as a team is capable of and You knows (If you are a freelancer) what you are capable of. Read and Read. And once you are done with reading, Ask & Ask, from yourself and your client as well. This will help you for sure to identify something which is innovative (as per your client) and new to you (as per you).

Once the requirement discussions are over, Start building those working POC’s because once done, you will be able to integrate those easily once you begin with your development for your web application which in the later time reduces time and effort for your team.

Once all the boring reading and asking is over, you have to start with choosing your tech stack and being a developer, I always support Frameworks much more than using native technologies, unless it is something out of the park and outside of the frame work capabilities (Which I Doubt Now).

Here are my suggestions to start with your design after you are done with Tech Stack.

Remember, I am a hug fan of Re-usability of Code while developing a software.

From pop ups to side navigation bars, to your headers to your buttons — Start with putting these HTML components in shared HTML Components (Small HTML Code Chunks Which You Can Re-use).

Shared Components Above All

Once you are able to handle the data in HTML as per required in various screens, Start with identifying shared services like Save, Update, Delete, Get, Post, Privileges and Powers to User as per role etc.

Putting all this into one file and handling them according to your use case, will make your code much more efficient and you will be able to re-use them without repeating code in most of the way and making your code unnecessary heavy.

Once all your shared is done, now put your time to write what will come to what, how many screens you require, how much you can re-use and how you will be able to build the screens/Dashboards.

Start with Major User Dashboard and then move towards the small user dashboard because the Major Privilege User Dashboard will contain almost everything which you need to build and then you can end with the Least Privilege User because it will already contain something you have build with restricted identities.

A right variable name makes it easier always for you and later for anyone (of course from your team) to help you with development without putting too much time to map the code to understand.

Refer yourself to name variables as i, j , a, b, c as this will make you confuse each time as your web application will move to the next stage of development. A clear and clean variable will help you understand its usage and function in the web application.

So Choose Your Words Carefully.

You may be someone who is a great programmer who loves to code but once you begin, they will start to come — bugs, I am talking of bugs.

They Are Coming For Your Code.

Testing — This word is the sole reason why you should write code.

No matter of your experience, bugs will be there in your code to crash right when you will be demonstrating your code to client, so in order to avoid such issues, give your code to a great Tester who can crash it out as much as he/she can, by giving text to an integer input or similar cases, because it will help you in two ways :

Once all these are done, these 4 steps which I just mentioned for before and while developing a great web application will make your application not just robust but also amazing for your client to use.

I have written this piece as per my experience, Please feel free to comment down your views/suggestions and clap it if you liked it.

Thanks & Regards


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