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Top 5 Places to Shop for Handmade Goods Online

I’ve compiled a list of fantastic places online for you to find all the handmade goods you could ever need. Most of these are marketplaces that you can sell you handmade goods on as well!

When you think of handmade goods, I’d be willing to bet that Etsy is one of the first things that pops in your mind. Etsy is a mammoth-sized marketplace for sellers and buyers alike.

Like most marketplaces, there is a selling fee for sellers when they make their own Etsy shop, but it isn’t too bad. There is a .20 cent listing fee for each item you list, and 3.5% commission fee on items sold.

Bonanza is an exceptional platform for buyers and entrepreneurs, mostly focusing on fashion, home decor, and collectibles. They seem to be quite competitive with Etsy, with a similar 3.5% commission fee on items sold. There is no listing fee, unlike Etsy.

Bonanza is known for having products that are “everything but the ordinary”. This may be the place to find that sheet metal elephant I was looking for earlier.

ArtFire is a special type of marketplace. It is a marketplace for buyers and sellers, but also has a community vibe to it. They partner with local shops and indie stores to create equal opportunities for all sorts of sellers.

On ArtFire, buyers can expect to find all the handmade goods they might be looking for. They’ll also be able to find goods to help with craft construction under the site’s “Crafts Supplies & Tools” section. Great stuff! To open a shop on ArtFire, the seller would pay a $20 monthly fee and 3% commission on products sold.

This marketplace has a very different purpose than the other marketplaces I’ve shown you so far. ShopHandmade exists solely for sellers of real handmade goods. In fact, if any of your products are mass-produced, you won’t be able to sell them here. The best part? ShopHandmade is 100% free! A seller isn’t required to pay any fees, but they have the option to donate if they would like to.

Here you’ll find many items that are one-of-a-kind. From stone jewelry to handmade clothing, this is a great shop for people who want to support handmade products.

Big Cartel is also unique. They offer shops for designers, artists, and even musicians to sell their work. Big Cartel offers a lot of customization options for it’s shop-owners, giving each shop a tweakable layout that the seller can choose. If they are “coder” enough, they also have the option to mess with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make their shop truly it’s own.

I hope I’ve been able to expose you to some great places for you handmade good buyers. Hopefully I’ve also shed some light for you creators as well! These are some great resources that we all have at our fingertips. Literally.

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