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5 Signs Your Subconscious Is Trying to Tell You Something

Stop ignoring your subconscious thoughts to help you get ahead in life

When we feel strong emotions such as happiness, sadness, and/or frustration, we’re not sure why it may be due to our subconscious. The subconscious part of our brains is responsible for influencing the way we feel or act.

But while this part of our brain makes important decisions linked to emotions, we are not fully aware of the presence it holds in our daily lives. In order to better understand your inner thoughts and intentions, it is crucial to know these five signs that your subconscious is trying to communicate with you.

While we still have much to discover, there is no denying the incredible abilities and functions of the human brain.

When you make a long-awaited decision that causes you to feel lasting pleasure, that could be a sign from your subconscious that you made the right choice.

Sometimes we stop ourselves from doing what we desire because of a fear that something bad may happen due to our actions. But whether your desire is to confess your feelings, agree to an impromptu vacation, or quit the job you despise, our mind often pushes us to do things that make us feel good. This gives us the confidence to push past the uncertainties or worries we might feel, and take a leap of faith towards happiness.

That being said, it’s important to know why we are making the choice that we are. Knowing the motivation behind our decisions can help with this. Just ask yourself: will this provide me with long-term happiness, or will this feeling of satisfaction leave me in a short period of time? This question can guide you along the path to uncovering whether or not your sudden decision will benefit you in the long run or quickly turn into a problem.

Our minds often feel satisfied after making a choice that we have long waited for, even if our inner fear has argued against it.

While our subconscious can push us towards things that make us happy, it can also pull us away from things that make us feel uncomfortable. The feeling of unshakable anxiety that consumes you when you are in a certain situation or around a certain person can be a warning from your subconscious that something isn’t quite right. You may not see any obvious signs that would normally cause you to develop a negative feeling towards something, but your subconscious may be relating that person or situation to past experiences that have caused you or someone you know harm, whether that is emotionally or physically. Ultimately, this fearful reaction may be a red flag from your subconscious that your life and/or overall well-being is at risk.

When our subconscious warns us, it can be because of certain signs it has picked up that our conscious mind doesn’t immediately perceive. So when we have an unexpected negative reaction to something or somebody, it is best to stay alert and be careful.

Has your mind ever pulled you back to the same thoughts, ideas, or memories? Sometimes our subconscious will act in these ways to protect us from our fears. An example of this would be: only sleeping under the covers because they give you a sense of protection and safety from the possibility of someone lurking in your bedroom. Or, a more practical example might be: refusing to quit your job, even though you hate it, because of a fear that you might not find a new one.

Some psychologists believe this might be our subconscious trying to break free or have more control over our minds. However, this does not necessarily mean you should follow through with the thoughts or ideas running through your head because sometimes our subconscious will apply past experiences to present ones, even though it might not be the best solution to your problem. Be careful of these thoughts, especially if you think they may relate to a bad habit or experience you have had in the past to avoid these situations.

For a long time, it has been a common belief that our dreams have meaning behind them and are a key to the thoughts occurring in our subconscious mind. Additionally, some think that by learning how to interpret our dreams’ meanings we will be able to achieve a better understanding of our innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires.

If our subconscious is trying to get a certain point across to the conscious side of our brains, one way it might attempt to do this is by returning to a specific dream.

That being said, our understanding surrounding dreams is still limited and there are heavy debates as to why we dream. Many people agree that certain dreams have specific meanings. An example of this would be a dream where you are running away from a dangerous person or place. Although there are many different interpretations of these types of dreams, this dream would indicate that you have unsolved problems or anxieties that you have yet to deal with.

There is no one right answer, but it could be fulfilling to think about what’s behind your dreams, what they might be saying, to think about some of the possibilities even if you don’t come up with “the answer.”

Have you ever been overcome by a feeling of clarity, but you could not explain why? This could be another sign that your subconscious has figured something out that your conscious mind does not yet know about. This is common when you wake up from a long night’s rest when your body’s refueled with energy and your mind has had time to put its thoughts and worries out of your head.

Usually, this clarity would include a sense of total silence over your worries and anxieties along with peace of mind. In addition, this feeling would allow you to acquire a greater level of focus.

If you are unable to obtain this feeling on your own, meditation can help you gain clarity within your mind. Studies have shown that meditation can reduce anxiety, depression, and pain. This will benefit your overall health, especially your mental health, to help you live a more balanced, peaceful life.

It is common to be confused when you don’t understand where certain thoughts, memories, and feelings come from or why they are in your head, to begin with. But it can be a relief to know that everyone will experience these situations.

There is still a lot to be discovered about our subconscious mind. But what we do know is: our subconscious is often trying to communicate with us, whether that is to guide or warn us.

So, next time you are confused or overwhelmed by a sudden feeling that you don’t quite understand, just remember, that could be your subconscious trying to tell you something.

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